High-Resolution Audio

Buy, Download, Listen.

Hearing music in high resolution is a simple, straightforward process.

You need the following:

  1. A storage location (PC, MAC, Harddrive, USB…).
    Choose a High-Resolution Audio file or Studio-Master file from our catalog. After purchase, download the file to your computer.
    Hi-Res files are zipped into one (or more) downloadable file(s) and are to be unzipped on your computer.
    Hi-Res files volume can be quite important, means that download time could be long.
    Do NOT close your browser while downloading.
  2. A player and software that can handle High Resolution files.
    VLC is a good choice for PC users, iTunes or FLACtunes for MAC users.
    Available formats are ALAC for MAC and iOS users, FLAC for all other systems.
  3. Under certain circumstances a digital-to-analog converter (onboard PC and MAC converters are not sufficient).
    Play the Hi-Res Audio files on a mobile or at-home system equipped with High-Resolution Audio gear.
  4. A good amplifier and speakers (or headphones) are recommended!
    High-Resolution files or Studio Master files are coded as 24bit/96kHz, this represents the primary recording quality use by UT3-Records.
  5. For downloads, however, a registration is compulsory.

By downloading a file the customer acquires the non-exclusive, non-assignable, non- sub-licensable, revocable right to use the purchased music file for private, non-commercial purposes, including the right to save the file to the hard drive of his computer, to export the file and to burn it onto storage media (CD, DVD). Any exceeding duplication, distribution, rental, making available to the public, public performance, broadcast and repeated broadcast of the file is prohibited unless a respective use is permitted by compelling law. The customer must not cut, share, rearrange, reduce or enlarge the file, combine the file with other works or edit it in other ways and/or exploit it.

Downloadable recordings